Dondurma Kasası 4250

500000 TL

Dondurma Kasası 4250 Arka Kapısız

Dondurma Kasası  Eutectic 4250-WHRD
Part  Feature
Number of Side Doors* 4+4 Ecold side doors
Body Dimensions* 4250x2100x1700mm
Hinges Chrome Steel and Stainless Steel
Locks EUTECTIC Stainless Steel
Wall Thickness* 100mm
Insulation Pre expanded CFC free polyurethane
Insulation Density
35-42 kg/ 
Doors Freezing Proof Up to 65 watt resistance
Rear Door* Please Specify your Inquiry / Y or N
Temperature Gauge EUTECTIC -40°C– Thermometer
Drainage Tubular Drainage System
Indoor Lighting Led Light
Outdoor Lighting Led Light / On corners of the body
Over Side Doors Rain Drain Aluminium profile over side doors
Side footboards Stepped type side protector on both sides
Eutectic Plate Brand EUTECTIC
Number of Eutectic Plates* 6/7 pcs
Compressor Brand DORIN
Compressor Power* 5HP
Refrigerating Equipments DANFOSS Cooling Products
Subframe Steel galvanized ready to be mounted on Truck
Body Lifting Hooks Front and Rear sides of Body
Trolleys* Strong and Easy Operation / Galvanized Steel
Separation* Aluminium Separation or  8 Trolleys
Body Color Ral 9010
Üretim Yeri Türkiye
Elektrik Beslemesi 380V-50HZ/60HZ 3 FAZ


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